Sunday, October 11, 2009

Logically Illogical

"Someone who thinks logically is a nice contradiction to this world". I guess not many people can comprehend the innate meaning of these lines, written behind a famous matchbox, better than me because for long, I have suffered for using my neurons more than others or than what is required. Funny laws govern this world and those who think a lot, usually succumb instead of enjoying their intellectual peculiarity.

Logic is the extent to which something can be explained or attributed a reason for its existence. Effectively what it does is it gives us a platform to handle the basic ideas and queries. Had it not been for logic, we would definitely have to think a lot more. It helps us make assumptions and also, generalize things. We crave for things to be logical and consider them ominous if they are otherwise. Logic is a cover that we place upon ourselves to protect us from our worst fears (or happiness, for that matter!!!).

But if one goes into larger dimensions, omitting minor details, one would be surprised to realize the absurdity inherent in our ambiance. Everything, without exception, is illogical. You can always find an argument that can contradict the present state of things. It’s everywhere, be it our social, personal or professional fraternity.

We talk to those whom we don't like. We get what we don't deserve (and vice versa). We are misunderstood when we have best intentions. We are chastised for what we are remotely related to or sparsely believe in. We laugh when we want to cry and hug when we want to slap. We do what we don't like and then say that we could have done better. We see a girl, fall in love and within six months, she becomes the most important person of our life. Do you think it is logical?

Logic is an arrogant subset of a very humble illogic. It, at best, is a footnote and in no case, the complete epic. Being logical is a curse, not boon. It’s like offering yourselves to be chained inside a closed room when you know that beautiful sceneries are waiting outside for your appreciation.

Logic filters thoughts, which is the greatest crime on earth. Logic is neither absolute nor is it infinite. It has limitations, ifs and buts and an impulse to control. It is not free, spontaneous or vigorous. It lacks energy and happiness. It is cold and dead.

On the other hand, illogic is everything what logic is not. It is to accept, to coexist, to love, to inspire, to depress, to react, to marry(!!), to command, to express and to think. (Let us end it here because I can still write a lot more of them)

To be successful in life, we need to be illogical. "Rules are made to be broken". Nothing logical succeeds for long (like India's foreign policy). Every now and then, we face situations when we have to choose between a logical thing and an ‘odd’ option. Though deep within, we want to take our chances and do some experimentation, we usually end up with the former.

I (you too can) have observed that if you can play with this teddy bear called 'logic', this world is just the right playhouse for you. Every successful person has made his own way in his own way and it is only his defiance to accept the 'logical' that he made it to the pinnacle where he is presently standing.

On the contrary, if we accept 'logic' among our decision variables, we would be doomed in the banality of our existence. Logic is not an identity. It’s a burden. Illogic is the mother's lap. Logic is living in Patel hostel, double seated and super deluxe!

Illogic is what, Shrimad Bhagwad Gita tries to teach us. "Karmarev adhikaraste ma falesu kadachan | ma karm phal heturbhuma te sangostvakarmari". You have only the right to action (i.e the karma). The return ('phal') is not under your control. How much logic can you find in this philosophy?

Logic is stopping us from what we are actually capable of doing. In the corporate world, so much emphasis is given on the out of box thinking. Look at Steve Jobs, Nintendo or even the open source phenomenon. Illogic is the absolute truth. It’s omnipotent and omnipresent.

Everyday we should practice to be more and more illogical in our routine life. We should laugh when not needed to and talk when we don't want to. We should behave in eccentric ways. We should do things in ways that cannot be explained. We should avoid taking logical decisions, at least for things of minor importance. We should stop searching reasons behind things and do them just because we want to!

Though I have still not practiced this 'illogic' meditation (but I will someday), I am sure, if done properly, it can help us to free ourselves from the chains of logic and we would have a more rationale attitude towards our life. I believe that once our minds transcends the limits of logic and stop questioning the 'illogical', we would be as much a God as a human can be and would achieve what we call in the Hindu culture as 'Moksha' or salvation.

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