Saturday, January 9, 2010

In The Lurch

Across the bantering rains,
mystic obscurity of haze and fog,
standing alone was I.

Me but a solitary me,
scared I was, alone I was
No light to guide, no shade to hide,
a lonely road is all I saw.

An alien world was busy,
who cared if an alien I wasn’t.
Hungry askance of ravaging predators
Oh but I had only myself to pray.
Through the raindrops the rainbow smiled,
only to make me realise it wasn’t beautiful, after all.
The thankings of a thirsty hornbill,
the elation of a novice peacock,
I never knew where they melted away.

In the lurch I stood,
waiting for an angel to lift me up
Crying, was I?
No I don’t know.
But God, I didn’t want you to send me here.

A life is what thou dreamt,
shattered dreams are all what I got.
A dwelling is what thou yearned
didn’t know I was destined a broken glasshouse.

So here I was in the lurch,
unsheltered in the deluge of rains,
when I saw thy angel.
The lonely road I took.
Sure was a tear in my eye,
a tear sent by God it seemed.
All I remember thus, my last second of life.
‘Coz it blocked my vision.
And there I saw thy four wheeled angel,
coming to take my life.

All over in a flash it was,
a new life after life I hope.
No more was I in the lurch.
And at last I realise,
the rainbow never looked so lovely.

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