Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Now....just an old story

Looking back,

it's now....just an old story.

It was once upon that time,

that I started eliminating

little fragments of white hair

oddly springing up.

It was once upon that time,

that I bathed myself,

in a sea of fragrant perfumes.

It was once upon that time,

that I allowed him to do all the talking.

Those affectionate hugs,

I conceded myself to him.

I believed, I had fallen in love.

We celebrated life,

behind closed doors and muffled sounds.

Rather, I thought I celebrated life.

An year did pass,

so quick, I never realized.

But little did I perceive,

the dream was to petrify.

He "earned" what he desired,

he decided to call it quits.

He searched for the route to escape me,

I opened the door that lead to it.

Silently, I let him go.

Not a drop of tear fell from me,

for, all those tears sank my heart from inside.

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