Monday, December 9, 2013

Why does it always rain on me?

I've taken the liberty to borrow a couple of lines from Travis' Why Does it Rain on Me, a song whose lyrics almost always inspire me to write something. Hope Travis doesn't mind..!

As it rained that late summer day, like any other,
I did ask myself
as I had over last uncountable summers, winters and autumns.
Why does it always rain on me,
even when the sun’s shining.

I stood by my guillotine,
my work machine as they always teased her.
I watched with hard eyes as the King stood on the palace deck.
Hard and impassive those eyes looked the judgment day,
was it numb this rainy day?
Determined, the visage proclaimed the judgment day,
did it seem less determined this morn?

I saw the prince alight the steps from the palace,
He still had the crown, he did have the splendor.
He knew he was to go the way as we all did one day, just one day,
but the face he showed, seemed braver than the bravest that day.

The final walk they say, is never long enough,
And true that was, he seemed to reach beside me in a jiffy.
Was it a jiffy, was it an hour,
I had lost sense of time,
But there he was standing beside me,
and all the watching eyes were on me,
after all the executioner does the dirty work, the crowd need just watch.

I had checked my guillotine yesterday,
did I pray a moment now that it didn't work?
I felt no good doing it,
but King’s orders were King’s orders.
Be it the prince or a pauper,
the guillotine blade would always be painted red,
my job to see it happen.

Was the prince’s at fault that he fell in love,
with an ordinary damsel who had none the royalty of the crown?
None my business, said me to myself.

I donned the black hood over the prince,
the look in his eyes was never of a loser.
Placed the crown on his masked head,
his last wish he be dead as crown prince.
The rain thickened, the guillotine strings were tightened,
so were my nerves.

I let the axe fall,
I prayed it be painless.
The crown rolled over,
as his head found a separate bastion from his body.
Everybody saw it above,
even maybe the Gods did.
Maybe the rain was their cry.
The King won, his son now dead,
Was the King now happy?

Yet another punishment meted out,
yet another soul less on this soil.
It never was a fine day for love it seemed.
Why does it always rain on me,
even when the sun’s shining.

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