Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Light At The End of a Tunnel

As the darkness envelops all around me,
a darkness so blinding,
I close my eyes.
A silence so loud,
I find my hands wrapped around my ears.
A pace so frightening
I shut off my senses.
And wait for a new dawn,
A fresh lease of life.

I tell myself,
this is a phase of life.
This is a phase of life,
like any other.
And this too will pass,
like any other.
For as the shamans say,
bright light cometh
at the end of any tunnel.

Slowly I free my ears
from the wrath of my hands.
I can hear chatter.
Yes, chatter it is.
I force my eyelids open,
I see rays of light in a sea of darkness.
I am not alone, in this dark dark world.
There are little kids,
the stage of life where darkness has no meaning,
where the shades of life are brighter than the brightest.
There are old men,
the stage of life where one looks back and sighs
and claims there is no more brightness in life anymore.
Where do I fall
I do not know.
Maybe, I do not wish to know.

And then, right then,
Just when my thoughts seem to convulse around me,
is when my train,
the vehicle in my sojourn,
rips across the darkness,
and emerges out the dark tunnel
into the brightness of the day.
I was right,
there was indeed,
bright light cometh the end of the tunnel.

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