Saturday, October 28, 2017

Forget me, my angel

He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would ever reach heaven; for everyone has need to be forgiven.
George Herbert

Forget me, my angel.
Forgive me for my deeds
and forget me for my sins.

Walk the path of life,
as like tomorrow a mile
as like the next hundred years one long mile.
I won’t cross thy path,
wouldn’t dream of hindering thy growth.

Look never to your sides,
they becometh your peers.
As peers as competitors,
they are, but a threat.
Never look your sides,
never pause a moment for a fallen peer,
for, the world won’t ask if you’re late,
it’s not the latecomer who leadeth the world.
it’s not the bourgeois who leadeth the world.              

Never look over your shoulders my angel,
never a pause, never a glance.
I stand there alone,
watching you go far and high.
I stand there, a meek reminder,
of the heritage of yesterday
you so deem to shed.

History is a cunning rascal,
he followeth you who is the leader.
The heritage is past, even for history.
Traditions relented, history said to forget it.
Even he doesn’t pause to offer me a shade.
The very me who he chased,
till you, my angel,
till you who took over.

Create your destiny,
rewrite history my love.
You are the power to rewrite.
Just  don’t pause,
just don’t waver.
And remember, not to look back
Over thy shoulder.
After all, all I did was to give birth to you my angel.

Forget me, my angel.
Forgive me for my deeds
And forget me for my sins.

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