Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The dusk fog was mystic,
so did they feel....the shoal of chirpy sparrows.
A setting sun the backdrop,
and the painting looked perfect,
for, no shaman was I.

Across the eastern horizons,
where thee sky and thou river mated,
thou senses picked up a nuance.
An odd catamaran, was it?
Thus ensued a hide and seek,
till thou vision won over the sun’s dwindling rays,
till it surfaced, the answer.

Wasn’t a catamaran,
it was a corpse instead.
A lifeless soul roamed somewhere,
thou saw its soulless cadaver.

A cute girl she looked,
adorning her innocence, a wry smile was.
Dreams transformed,
into a frenzy went my mind.
Came rushing the visage of a young kid,
playing gleefully on thee river banks.

Maybe the Gods got envious,
maybe the river got charmed,
but whatever cameth,
cameth upon her was her fate.

Where did she come from,
I sure don’t know.
How did fate tease her,
I didn’t want to know.
Who was she?
Another corpse on thee river,
seemed to whisper, the nearby flora.

The sun a hurry to go home,
the stars were out, ever shining.
As she came, so she flowed away.
Deep into horizon wandered her cadaver,
escorted by my solitary vision,
Thee river took her away,
her pace meandered.
The sun long set, I stood thus,
a pair of closed eyes,
a muted prayer from a solitary heart,
for an unknown person... an unknown cadaver.


Day Dreamer said...

it's a good choice of theme...picking up a corpse of a young girl , writing a poetry out of it n still making it sound beautiful.....impressive

Nostalgia said...

The theme originated from a photograph...a photograph that depicted a crowd of humanity offering a holy dip in the Ganges....And in the background corpse flowing along...a mute spectator....
A word of mention here for an unknown photographer who inspired me to write this....