Friday, March 26, 2010


There's nothing special about this poem. It was written in one of those innumerable boring lecture classes, yesterday. It started off from the person who was sitting next to me and as the poem progressed, it ceased to draw inspiration from one person and I was getting ideas from a horde of people.
I believe the poem does not match upto the standards of a lot of poems and prose written by me, but the fact that it was spontaneous, fast and in the middle of a class makes me post this onto my blog.
Happy Reading !!!

Think did I long time before,
that engineers rule the world.
Realise did I, not long before,
that just a few geeks do,
the rest just stare.

A shabby picture I had,
about this genre of Homo Sapiens.
A prejudiced stereotype,
deeply rooted, worldly habituated.

They say geeks are not made geeks,
they are born so rather.
I didn't know if it is to be believed or otherwise,
until I meet up this person.

Defying trademarks, his natural self.
"Stereotypes...? Not my cup of tea" his bhaashan
I thought before that people were born to live,
I realise after,
he was "geek".

A guy amazing he was,
oops....amazing's way too an understatement.
Seemed all normal did he,
except for being....hmm
being...a little other-worldly??

A good student he was,
illuminated a lot of unclear scholastic avenues,
with his ....grace.
A good friend was he,
stood by me in my crises,
and laughed with me, when I wished.
As humble too,
often made me wonder...ideal?

He was a friend in a lot of needs,
I hope, I too was.
Geek? Naah...a good friend,
is how I like to remember.
Some things, they say, are priceless,
for me, he really is one.
And a humble prayer,
from heart of hearts,
that he remains one,
long time to come,
a long time to go.

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