Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Unvoiced Ruminations

When you "try" creating something at the end of a very normal day in office, it is highly probable that it ends up looking quite like the piece below. Nonetheless, Nostalgia deserves a pardon I believe.... and lot more other chances. To apologize...!!!

Loved you for epochs did I,
and still... the love remains.
Desired for ages did I...
...to catch a glimpse of you,
behind the vibrant peepal tree,
shadowing my college campus.
Still remember afresh,
the solemn moment,
when I saw that smile for once, the firstest,
under the shade of the umbrella,
a romantic monsoon eve.

That flashes of a smile,
painted a thousand colours in me.
But...where did she disappear,
a word unattered...
The musings of adolescence transformed,
you grew up...
You were a wife, you became a mother.
Those nights I dreamt,
those nights I painted,
colours to my life.

Never ask me to forget those days,
those days we were together...
those days we laughed...
those nights we quarreled.
The love you gave, graced my heart.
The two of us, on the path of love,
hand in hand, the bantering rains...
...they added their charm.
Did we know what we desired…
did you know what made you wait for me...
...in the mangroves, in the canteens...
I did know...I did.

Dreamt together we did...
little did I dream, about unfulfilled reveries.
Often seconds shaded themselves between hours,
When I waited...for my angel to come.
You for me...me for you,
I dreamt...beyond the heavens.
The me in me, wanted the you in you.

Another day it was...
...not quite the same as yesterday though.
The glorious bubble burst that day,
the day it dawned we won’t be together...
for life.
Like a craven started crying did I.
I don’t have anything for you dear...
...except...this drop of tear.

Was it a fantasy...
that you dream about life when you haven’t understood it...?
Much did we crave to be one,
but someone from up above seemed to tease...
The stab still remains, in the heart,
all I console, believing it’s all been for good.

you gave me a lot to think.
Like the excitement of an odd summer rain.
Even today...
...all I have, is that bundle of memories.
The memories called...life.


satish said...

This is better than my dreamers story. Sorry for comparing with such low standard things :P.

I love the title and let them be unvoiced and let them be ruminations :)

matwala said...