Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One More Fall

Once again it is that time of the year,
the vibrant colors of fall,
and the grounded and unkempt foliage,
does little by itself to hide the path.
The path to her final destination,
hopefully one day,
my final destination as well.

God does what he can,
to cover my path with leaves.
As this year, so the previous.
The leaves are dry,
never the memories.
I will never forget,
the path to her dusty abode,
even if she wants me to.

Eons from now,
we will be together once again,
in some other world she resides.
The same way we were,
in this world she resided
She is dead,
I will be dead tomorrow,
but the feeling, that never dies.

As I tread the familiar ground,
the ground no one wants to be familiar with,
my heart starts to get heavy,
I know, I can sense,
her stony grave aching for his heart.
Of all the seasons the creator envisioned,
this, for me, is the worst.
This, for me, will remain the worst.

September has passed,
October does prevail.
As the trees punctuated the mellow of the winds abound,
I turned around,
leaving a bouquet of flowers,
a few drops of tears,
and a memory of lifetime,
on her feet.
Or rather on the epitaph,
that marked her feet.
Your memories are older,
by one more fall.
I turned around,
back to the road which led me here.
Come I will next fall, if alive.
Else before, if not.

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