Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fading Mehendi

Mehendi as it fades,
is a sight no pretty.
Same was with her,
as she brought her face down
and cast her vision on her delicate hands.
Yes the mehendi was there,
but no, the mehendi was not.

Just a month ago,
was the dream wedding.
Adorned in her regal costume,
holding the hands of the man she loved,
as they stepped out,
into the glory of the basking sun.

It was then the war broke out,
those enemies attacked their motherland.
The dutiful soldier he was,
he had to report back for duty.
He hugged her
and told her he had to go back.
Back to the frontier,
back to the forefront.
The parting was tough,
but it was inevitable.
The brave face she put up,
was all a fa├žade,
For she was all tears inside.

And it was the day before,
the news reached,
that he was martyred.
That she was no longer
the wife of a brave soldier.
But instead, there she was
the widow of a martyred warrior.

The sun that shone bright
on the day of their union
that sun had gone,
replaced by the wrath
of the untimely monsoons.
The rains quenched the thirst
of the grounds and grass so parched.
As she waited to receive
what precious little of him was left,
the mehendi adorning her hands
was fading into oblivion.
She stood there,
all alone in a savage world.
Not the wife of a brave soldier,
but the widow of a martyred warrior.

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